Pre-Order and Ready To Dispatch

We have two sections on our website - The "Ready To Dispatch Abayas Collection" and "Pre-Order Abayas Collection". Here, we explain the difference:

Ready To Dispatch

The Ready To Dispatch Section shows all items that are available and in stock, which means after placing the order we will have the item(s) shipped within 1-2 working days!

Pre-Order Abayas

This section is our "Made to order" service and shows all of our garments that are available to purchase but are not currently in stock. This means after you place an order, we will get the desired abaya made in the size and design requested. All pre-order abayas usually take 2-3 weeks to be shipped!


The hijabs we sell are also in-stock items and therefore once ordered are shipped within 1-2 working days.

PLEASE NOTE: When ordering a Pre-Order item alongside a Ready To Dispatch item, the order will not be dispatched until all items are ready within the order.